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Meet the Team:  Autumn Wezner

Autumn Wezner.jpg

Tell us a little bit about your background.

Raised in Metro Detroit. Studied Accounting at Central Michigan University.

Currently live with my husband and two boys (Garrett, 12, Gavin, 9) in Huron Township, MI.

What are your key accomplishments in your field/on the job?

I have learned so much in these last 10 years recruiting! I have been able to build strong relationships with both hiring managers and candidates and have filled some very difficult / niche positions. I recently filled a very difficult position that took 6-8 months of recruitment and interviews. After we had the contract signed and the candidate had started, they told me that the other 10 agencies working on this order had all quit and given up! 

Why did you choose to work in this industry?

Being from metro Detroit, Automotive is life. My dad retired from the General Motors Cadillac Plant in Hamtramck, MI and my grandfather worked for Ford in Dearborn, MI so it was only natural to work in the automotive industry. I began in my career working for tier suppliers on the corporate side in Accounting, which eventually led me to begin recruiting for finance, and accounting positions within automotive. Over the past 10 years working in Talent Acquisition, I have branched out into recruiting various positions in multiple industries.

Tell us about your approach to recruiting.

My typical approach is to work hard and never give up. Most times, when a company calls us for help, they are at their wits end and frustrated with a tough search. It is not easy but it is so worth it when you can make a perfect match!


Describe yourself using only film titles.

Funny Girl, Happy Go Lucky, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, Animal House (I have some crazy boys in my house!)


What one song will you always know every word to?

My wedding song, Into the Mystic, Van Morrison is very special, of course. Oh, and anything Prince.😊


What does a perfect vacation look like for you?

Spending lots of time with my family, laughing and relaxing. Bonus if it involves a good margarita and a beach!


What is your favorite book or movie character?

My family are all big Star Wars fans; Baby Yoda is the best. The best he is.


Favorite quote?

“Stay hungry.  Stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs

What would your pet say about you if we asked for a reference?

Max would probably say I give excellent belly rubs and am always down for a snuggle.

 Contact me:
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