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Looking for Your Next Career Move?

Whether you are seeking a new opportunity or are ready to receive the right offer, 5 Star Recruitment is here to help. We understand that changing careers can be a daunting, sometimes stressful experience. 5 Star recruiters minimize that stress by only presenting careers that we believe are an ideal match.


As seasoned experts in the automotive and manufacturing industry, 5 Star recruiters have continued success in finding the perfect positions for our candidates.

How do we find the ideal match for you? We work to first understand your skills, experience, ambitions, and ideal work environment. This ensures that any position presented to you aligns with your personality, experience, and long-term goals. Our recruitment process is completely confidential so you can continue to build your career, while also working to improve your professional and personal life.

How to Connect with 5 Star

You are able to apply directly on our site by submitting your contact information and resume.

Don't see an open position for you?


Connect with 5 Star Recruitment by completing the form below. Please note, 5 Star Recruitment can only place individuals authorized to work in the United States.

Positions We Fill

We fill direct hire management and engineering

positions at a corporate and plant level:

• Operations | Production

• Supply Chain | Logistics | Materials

• Quality | Supplier Quality

• Engineering | Controls Engineers, Industrial,

Manufacturing, Electrical, Mechanical

• Environmental Health & Safety

• Finance | Accounting

• Purchasing | Procurement

• Human Resources

• Business Development | Account Managers

Ready to begin your search?  Great, let's connect.

Fill out the form below and one of our recruiters will contact you to discuss how 5 Star Recruitment can help accomplish your goals. 5 Star will never share your information  without your consent.

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