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The Rising Star Scholarship Foundation 

"Fundacion Estrella Brillante"

5 Star Recruitment is proud to support women in their pursuit of higher education.
To date, 5 Star has awarded four recipients a scholarship to cover expenses for tuition, textbooks, and other necessary materials for college. 


Our four recipients are all different nationalities (Mexican-American, Korean-American, Caucasian) but their commonality is they have all had to work through adversities to achieve their goals. 


The Rising Star Scholarship is about helping young women reach their full potential and accomplish their dreams.  We are delighted to support these recipients.

Meet our Rising Stars 

Victoria Rising Star .jpg

Victoria Jean Taylor 

Victoria Rising Star .jpg

"My life has been forever changed by receiving the Rising Star Scholarship. At 26 years old I had a passion to change my career and advance my education. The biggest obstacle between me and my dream was nothing unique or special. It is a basic problem so many face - money. College is more than tuition; though that is the most expensive aspect. There are book fees, equipment costs, lab fees, and because I’m in a nursing program, uniform requirements. Not to mention, a nursing program has a very intense and time-demanding schedule. So, on top of the cost of the program, how was I going to pay living costs while I went to school? Several people told me on the first day of orientation the program directors will recommend quitting jobs and committing full-time to the program. At the base of my mountain, I could only try and plan my ascent. The first step to climbing I could make was to apply to the program. If I wasn’t accepted I didn’t need to worry about the rest of the mountain. Like many other nervous students, I completed the application. When I got the letter back that I had been accepted I was excited, but the mountain came back into my mind; staring me down. I knew I had the climb in me, but still didn’t know where to begin trying to ascend. 


That’s where 5 Star Recruitment came in and quite literally carved my way up that mountain. Not only was I awarded the Rising Star Scholarship, I was given a part-time job with flexibility to accommodate my constantly changing schedule. I am two semesters into the program and am debt-free thanks to the generosity of this woman.  


My story and my goals are not special. My story could probably be repeated by several students in colleges across the country. The special part about my story is the generosity of a woman who pours into people. The even more unique part of her generosity is that I was not forgotten after being awarded a scholarship. 5 Star has had a continued interest in my success with no return being given to them. My becoming a nurse will in no way profit this organization. It amazes me daily that this woman and organization are willing to give so much, so unselfishly. I’m not an English major, so I feel I lack the words to adequately express my gratitude for being the recipient of this amount of generosity. The magnitude of it constantly overwhelms me. 


Thank you, Janet Rivera Jones and 5 Star. I hope to one day reflect this shining at the top of my mountain!" ⭐️ 


Victoria Taylor, Student Nurse CACC  

Iris  Rivera 


Iris was featured on the American Medical Women's Association, PCOM South Georgia Chapter's Instagram. She spoke beautifully about what being a woman in medicine means to her.

You can check out her video here:

Iris Rivera has persevered many years to accomplish her dreams of becoming a medical doctor. She has shown dedication to her goal by never giving up and finding ways around obstacles. She is the embodiment of what Janet had in mind when starting the Rising Star Scholarship. Iris is currently in medical school and is continuing to work towards accomplishing her goals. She is an inspiration to her family and young girls everywhere.

We are proud to have awarded Iris the Rising Star Scholarship!


"My name is Iris Rivera and I am a current medical student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, South Georgia. My dream of becoming a physician began during a shadowing experience at a local migrant clinic during my undergraduate career at Valdosta State University. It was through serving the most under-served that I truly understood the impact and importance of rural healthcare. 


Since my college days, I have grown and learned many life lessons that have prepared me for the next steps in my medical career. Estrella Brillante has aided me in pursuing my desire to become a physician and one day deliver excellent healthcare to rural communities. This scholarship has equipped me with the financial assistance needed to help me remain diligent and focused towards reaching my personal and academic goals." - Iris Rivera 

Kiersten Marie Jenkins 

Kiersten comes from a military family and it is an honor to support her in her education journey.  Her family has served in the United States Army for several decades. 


"Kiersten is pursuing a degree in environmental science to help regulate clean drinking water for communities and to make a dent in solving the pollution of our oceans. 

She is attending West Georgia Technical College in the Fall, where she will receive her associates degree before transferring to complete her baccalaureate degree. 

"By having this scholarship, I am completely debt-free my first year of college. It has enabled me to take every penny I earn from work this year and save it for food and gas." - Kiersten M. Jenkins

Emily Yanet Perez


Emily is another young lady who has received aid through the Rising Star Foundation. She is another wonderful example of determination. Though the road seems long we are excited to walk with her and be a part of her journey. 

"I am currently a junior at the University of Texas at San Antonio pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology. I plan to graduate in Spring of 2023, then continue my education at the University of Texas Health Science Center and earn a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy.


The Rising Star Scholarship awarded by 5 Star has been a blessing for my family.  The transition from high school to college can feel overwhelming and scary at times but having extra funds to relieve some of the financial pressure made it easier. I’ve been able to use this resource to cover many of the little things that come with a move on-campus and adjusting to dorm life away from family.  Thank you so much 5 Star, I hope to one day pay it forward." - Emily Y. Perez

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