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Meet the Team:  Tammy Jenkins

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I’m from a small town in Alabama. I have lived here most of my life. I love to travel and have two of the best travel partners around. One is a teenager and the other is 6 going on 16. I went to Alabama Southern and managed an automotive business in town for over a decade. I’m now working with this amazing company and looking forward to seeing how much we can grow! 

What are your key accomplishments in your field/on the job?

I am a quick learner and I really enjoy having the support of a team. After successfully managing our local automotive business, I am now excited to say I get to be part of the 5 Star team. 

Why did you choose to work in this industry?

Recruiting is so very rewarding. I have a great passion for Human Resources (HR) . Recruiting is such an intricate part of HR in that enables me to use all my knowledge and skills to strategically source and attract talented candidates for key roles. The challenge in it gives me such enjoyment because there is never a dull moment when dealing with people and meeting the needs of the candidates and clients that we serve.


What would your pet say about you if we asked for a reference? 

He would most likely tell you that I’m playful, loving, and a great provider because he’s always into something and trying to get treats! 

Describe yourself using only film titles.

A Series of Unfortunate Events has led to Miss Marvel to find an Endgame that is Just Like Heaven. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Wake up each day thankful to have breath and willing to help others and nothing will seem impossible.

What one song will you always know every word to?

"Don’t Stop Believing"


What does a perfect vacation look like for you?

Mountain trips with hiking trails, waterfalls and perfect sunsets.  


What is your favorite book or movie character?

My all time favorite book series is The Dreamhouse Kings series. 


Favorite quote?

I know it’s cliché, but Carpe Diem. 

Contact me:  
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